Health Care Marketing: Why Word-Of-Mouth Isn’t Enough

Yes, experts will say word-of-mouth is still the most relevant mode to more clients in the healthcare world, but this doesn’t necessarily mean that health care marketing isn’t important and sometimes essential for your business or practice. Good branding and a healthy reputation is everything to word-of-mouth referrals, and effective health care marketing will help to take your business to the next level in the brand arena.

Branding is that prime opportunity that sets your medical practice apart from the harsh competition in today’s health care market. Health care may not be what you think of when you hear “brand awareness”, but it’s essential to your lucrative marketing campaign. How familiar your customers are with what your practice can provide, and how that sets you apart from the competitors, is essential to fueling referrals in your direction.

Your company’s website is the perfect opportunity for the development of your brand that is cohesive and concise. It represents your medical practice and is where you may receive the first and most traction when attracting new clients and patients. Always take into consideration a strong website when determining your marketing efforts.

Speaking of the virtual arena, online marketing is important to engage in as it’s the way to communicate with clients and build up the reputation that is essential to your company’s growth. A hot tip is to share reviews and testimonials on your website and allows patients to survey where valuable performance information for your health care marketing may be obtained.

In addition, social media on various platforms is casual and builds up that friendly, caring attitude your customers will begin to build about you. Share information, build relationships and show your practice cares – it’s what this business is all about.

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is important to consider as patients use search engines more frequently to find new providers today. Make sure your website is close to the top of the page, or at least shows up, on search engine results using SEO.

Bringing it back to the patients… they are your largest group of brand advocates. There are many ways to go about connecting to them through social media and more straightforwardly in day-to-day operations. Going that extra mile to follow up after a visit is what creates the brand that cares, from start to finish. Make sure to thank them by creating email marketing campaigns. This also helps to keep them in the database and increases your chances of getting referrals. The more you are engaging with your patients, the more they will trust and spread the brand.